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Disney Showreel 2019

All music written and produced by Gunnar Graewert.

Vocals: Ania Jools, Claudia Koreck, Gunnar Graewert

Music Video Production for Bayerischer Rundfunk


Two music videos for Claudia Koreck

Idea, producion and directed by Young & Loud


Music & Lyrics: Gunnar Graewert I Vocals: Claudia Koreck
DISNEY CHANNEL - Showreel 2015
Paper Aeroplane - Music and Lyrics by Gunnar Graewert & Claudia Koreck  Performed by Claudia Koreck
Beautiful - Claudia Koreck & Donavon Frankenreiter: Video and Song produced by Gunnar Graewert
Stadt Land Fluss - Claudia Koreck -DVD Production: Young & Loud
Sternstundensong 2013 I Song Production: Gunnar Graewert
Lalelu - most successful Disney Channel Germany Video on Youtube -
produced by Gunnar Graewert Vocals : Claudia Koreck


Born 1974

Abitur in Munich 1995

Between 1996 and 2000 I studied Sonwriting, Compostion and Music Production at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, UK.

In 2000, I founded the production company Young & Loud and became partner at the legendary downtown studios in Munich, Germany.


Since then I write and produce songs and music for several artists, broadcast companies and films.

2012 I founded the record label, publishing company and booking agency Honu Lani Records that I serve as a managing director.

Developed a new music course at the University of Regensburg und Augsburg and work there part time as a lecturer.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung once portrayed me which can be read here.

Married to the wonderful artist Claudia Koreck. We have a daughter and a son.




  • Andreas Bourani

  • Ania Jools

  • Annett Louisan

  • B3

  • Bananafishbones

  • CB Green

  • Claudia Koreck

  • Chris Boettcher

  • Donavon Frankenreiter

  • Edita Gruberova

  • Ganes



  • Haindling

  • Heaven Sent

  • Jasmin Wagner

  • Johnny Logan

  • Mario Adorf

  • Max Mutzke

  • Michael Mittermeier

  • Patrick Nuo

  • Somersault

  • Stephan Zinner

  • Waikiki Beach Bombers





  • Es ist ein Elch entsprungen   (Titelsong) Samfilm, 2005

  • Elementarteilchen             (Titelsong) Constantin Film, 2005

  • Männer wie wir                (Onscreen) Buena Vista, 2006

  • Agnes und seine Brüder        (Onscreen) X Filme,2004

  • Die Musterknaben III          (Onscreen) DIE FILM, 2003

  • Roter Kakadua                 (Onscreen) X Filme, 2005

  • Lotta in Love                 (OnScreen) Rat Pack, 2006




  • Disney Channel                Onair Musik (D & International) seit 2013

  • Der Bergdoktor,ZDF            Onscreen, ndf, 2015

  • SOKO 5113, ZDF                Score, Bavaria, 2000

  • Premiere                      Onair Musik

  • SKY                           Onair Musik




 Telefon: + 49 (0)170 2307345

c/o downtown studios


80333 München